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I've increased the minimum size requirement for this club, and will eventually make a chart so everyone can easily see what that minimum size is. No idea when I'll do it, though.

For the mean time, I've frozen the galleries. Nothing will be approved until this chart is made.
For those of you waiting for approval of your pictures, I'm putting that off because I'm planning to rearrange the galleries here. I plan to add new galleries for different sizes, including a easy to understand size chart. I'll also be collapsing photography into these galleries. I'm not sure if I'll keep male galleries, collapse them or just do away with male galleries altogether. What do you think?
Since I rarely visit deviantart anymore, this club needs some new management. I'm staying on as top boss and will be checking in occassionally, but we need someone who'll actually check the messages on a daily basis.

And I can't be fucked to do that anymore.

SO! Apply below if you're interested. I'll promote one or two people to do this. Probably two, in case one of you goes on vacation or something.
I'm so sick of this.

Be warned. If you repeatedly post images that either to not qualify or post images to the wrong folder, you will be banned. More than one user persisted in posting 100+ images at a time not only to the wrong folder, but of girls who lack the size our group requires. I will no longer tolerate this.

If you are unsure if your girl's ass is large enough to qualify, just ask. If you post anyways and it's only a few pics, no problem. You are free to post to the correct folders.

However, DO NOT post pictures en mass. I am now imposing a limit or 10 per day to prevent people from flooding my inbox with submissions.
I've been really lax about what qualifies for this group in the past. However, as I'm being flooded with people posting hundreds of pics to the group of some very unimpressive asses, I've decided to be much more strict about what qualifies.

I'm imposing the minimum size requirement I instated when the group was founded. This isn't just a group for asses, but BIG asses. Mostly fat asses. Skinny chicks will require a -very- pronounced rump to qualify anymore.

Also, for those of you who post a hundred pics at a time: If you post them to the wrong folder, or they do not qualify, I will simply delete them.

I'm in the process of rewriting the rules to be more clear, as well as going through the galleries to remove content that no longer qualifies.  

Also, to the guy who complained something along the lines of "I joined to see some sexy asses but all I see are huge sacks of fat," my answer to you is, "Icon."

OH, almost forgot. I'm also imposing a quality rule. If your drawing is not up to a certain level of quality, it will be rejected.

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